Anyone ride near shingletown, old station, or the burney area. Looking for some new haunts. I am not afraid of trail maintainance and know how to use a hand saw.

Will trade labor for some inside info.

PM me if you prefer.

If you are pre-destine to think that way, then you may take it wrong.

I don't know about you so-cal boys.

As you can see I don't f around straight and to the point. Just need new places to ride.

I highly doubt that there will be any replies to this thread, most people up there in the hills don't have computers. But you never know. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

It went from a joke to real insult. I am hurt, take it back. :thumbsup:

I dont thing zekedawg knows about you Zendog, lol.

too funny then

What is there to know?

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      Trying to buy an older yz125 w a green sticker. I came across a 2004 that is green sticker. Per the owner "CA used to do a lottery thing on a certain year and bike and it was the 04 125 that got the green sticker". 
      I am gonna confirm the VIN, but was wondering if it's in fact true that CA issued green stickers with a lottery system for 2003 and newer bikes?
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      I just picked up a 2018 YZ250X and need to do my break in. How gnarly is Rowher Flats after rains like we just had? I'm thinking about heading there Sunday. I moved to LA last year and I've only been there 3 or 4 times, but so far I enjoy the riding there more than most of the "day trip" locations.
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      Anybody heading out to Ridgecrest on Sunday?  Looks like rain in the forecast Saturday.  I got froze out last weekend, would like to get out there especially after the rain.
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      Where can I find the people that organize trail maintenance weekends for the areas North and East of Lake Arrowhead?  I tried San Bernardino National Forest but they sent me to a guy who uses volunteers to set up booths and hand out flyers.