a/p timing......again

I have seen this question in the archives, but now that I need it, I can't find it.

I have an 06 crf450x and I am trying to adjust the ap timing. The goal is to just miss the slide with the squirt. I have turned out the adjustment screw completely (to where it has fallen out) and I cannot get the squirt to hit the slide. It appears to be close to hitting the slide, but does not. Is this as close as it gets? In fact the screw is out so far that it is not necessary to have in any more. I'm wondering if that is normal? I have not done any form of the a/p mod yet. Any insight would be much appreciated.


It's normal.

Turn the adjustment screw inwards until there is freeplay which can be felt by pushing downwards on the plastic linkage where the rod goes down to the diaphragm. The rod will be lifted off the diaphragm and pushing down will make it touch the diaphragm. The gap between the rod and the diaphragm will be reduced as you back the screw outwards. Turn the screw outwards until the freeplay is gone, then turn it inwards about 1/4 turn.

The end result is usually going to be a gap of 2.5 - 2.8mm as measured below.





Thanks James,

I'm wondering if the gap you describe is what you found to be the best position for the a/p timing? Once again, the squirt seems closest w/ the screw all the wau out.

With the a/p mods, are you guys going bigger or smaller with the leak jets on the 450x's? The squirt seems pretty thin and I'm imagening that it's like that for smog purposes. Thanks in advance.

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