trueing the front end

Hello folks....

A couple of days ago I had a bad spill on my WR..the front washed out at 60mph and as a result, the bike cartwheeled and now its like the front is twisted (front wheel out of line with the triple clamp). I think everything is straight but has just got twisted in the clamps.....

How do I reset it all true?

By the way...I'm VERY sore but ok :)



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Well, when I was a kid we would just stand over the front wheel and twist the bars until it looked strait... but those bikes were a little smaller and slower so that may not be enough.

now its like the front is twisted (front wheel out of line with the triple clamp)

Slacken EVERYTHING in the front end off including the axel.. really loose..

Then pump the forks via the handlebars up and down a few times.

Retighten and recheck.. may been to 'tweak' front wheel agaist somthign to get it approx straight



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I'd losen the triple clamps and then straighten out everything, then retorque the clamps....

Glad you're okay!


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You guys are so smart. I just read hot to set-up your front end with no bind in the June Motocross Action and you guys are right on the money. The article does offer a little more detail on the axle tighening procedure however.

Check it out or email me and I'll provide the detail.



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Ya, mine were so out of whack it wasn't even funny. I loosened up all the fork pinch bolts and that made it 50% better. I did it again and loosened everything, put the front wheel between my legs (bike on stand) and yanked the bars back and forth, then tightened it back up... perfect :)


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