Beginers luck or

time will tell

I just installed a 85 main 40 pilot and Kamakazi air pod on the front of carb. Thanks to all the help here. I have the stock muffler and pipe unmodified and did not touch the air mix screw (dont have the tool the D thingy). Started up just fine and ran great. Alot more noiser than I thought it would be with stock exhaust (waiting for a DR. D exhaust to arrive) and alot more noise from front of carb sounds almost like metal clanging together. Anyway I did nothing to the needle no shims. It is my Sons bike and it did not even bog with a 245 pounder Dad on it. Only adjustment on the carb was a 1/4 turn clockwise of idle screw so she would stay running when warmed up at sea level suffolk Virginia.

I am wondering if I am loosing any performance by not shimming needle as suggested many times on here. Well I can't wait for the exhaust to come and see how she runs. Hopefully before he gets back from visiting grandma in Michigan

I never shimmed the needle on my kids bike when I did those adjustments and his ran fine.

Suffolk huh?? I used to live in Franklin. Any tracks around there for you guys?

thats all I ever ran in mine and it was perfect. tried shims, and the adjustable needle and it ran like crap. you will probably need to tweak your air mix a little when you get your exhaust. I took a pair of needle nose pliers and ground down the outside of the two tips untill I could grab the D.

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