making a bike a dual sport in Fl.? NEED ADVICE!

i'm currently looking at a 86 xr600r or a 96 xr400r to buy and dual sport. how do i go about this in Florida or is it even doable?

It's doable..however before you buy either bike. How or are they titled ? If they have been titled in Fl with an "Offroad title" , you can't make em street legal, You can't take a offroad titled bike & turn it into regular street legal title. If they were titled before , no problem & if they are out of state bikes, you should have no problem transfering the title to FL. Call DMV & give them the Vin #'s ask if that Vin# has ever been registered in Fl & if so, what type of title ?

Good luck

ah ok. so as long as it's never been tittled in Florida as a "off-road" bike then i should be ok right? if it has a florida tittle already will it say off-road on it some where?

quick little bump and need some advice.

i have the chance right now to buy a 91 suzuki dr350 that has 10,500 miles on it , new tires, valve adjustment just done, pretty good over all shape.

next bike is a 2000 honda xr650r, looks to be in really good shape from the pics that i have seen. the bike has no tittle, it was brought over from Nevada where he says they don't tittle dirt bikes. this bike is not street legal nor does it have any lights at all.

i can get both bikes for the same price. which should i go for? since the bike was never tittled in florida does that mean that i can get a tittle here in florida for it, and bring it in with street lights, etc and it'll be street legal?

the xr is much more appealing to me cause it's much closer to my house and the bike is allot newer. the one thing i don't like though is that the xr is kick only.

It will be nearly impossible to get a tag for the XR. The problem is that you won't know for sure until you buy it and try to get the tag. By then it's too late. Try to get the current owner to get a tag for it then buy it from him if he is successful.

i called the tax collector today and they told me no way it could be done. but i have to ask this...... if i put all the lights on etc and went in and filed for a tittle when it was re done wouldn't it be street legal?

I've seen some ads for Florida "street legal" off road bikes in Cycle Trader.

It's a stretch,but maybe you can call one of these sellers and ask how it's done. Of course,you're opening statement might be "I'm interested in your bike. So just how did you go about making it street legal"?

i didn't buy the xr650, although i still want one. i called the tax collectors and they gave me the number of the place that does the inspections for stuff like that. i then was transferred to the head of the department as was told there was no way to do it. he said that the manufacture of the bike would have to send a mso for the bike saying it was street worthey. i don't know sounded like a bunch of horse shit.

but i think i might have found a way around it. since the bike that i wanted to buy was never tittled and even it it was it was in another state. i was thinking that someone could make the bike street legal, bring the bike down there and apply for a tittle or "lost tittle".

maybe it would have worked, maybe not. i wasn't willing to take the chance. i bought a 99 dr350 with 3800 miles on it last night. it's alright but i still feel like a giant riding the thing.

Good luck with the dr350. Funny how some of the chopper-type trash on the road can get a tag,but a converted dirt bike can't.

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