I wish I Knew RE: Brakes!

Well, the story is sad but true. I missed an Awesome ride this Saturday, due to lack of knowledge.

I read mcarp's reply to my post about mushy front breaks and aftermarket lines. He mentioned bleeding the breaks as his were mushy from the factory. I had blead my front before, when I installed a new front roter. (Over the bars by big rock)

So, it's Friday night I'm stoked! Big ride tomorrow, been waiting all week. I don't go out with the wife, you go on Honey, have fun, here's some cash.......

So I'm changing the fliter, checking bolts, lubin chain, and thought I should dial in the front break.

I went to the auto parts store after work and got the one man bleeder unit......

I re-read the manual, put on the bleeder unit, fill the resivore with fluid and start bleeding. I was working! I was so into the bubbles comming out, I forgot to check the resivor level, and !*#&!!, the lever went limp. Dead.

So I proceeded to re-read the manual, and bleed, and Panic, and bleed, and panic....

I wrote the Fourm for any advice. Motogreg was kinde enough to offer some advice at that late Friday night hour. I followed his suggestions, and I still was up in the garage, pumping that !#*! lever as Wife pulls up with Girlfriends @ 2:00am from the convienent "Girls night Out".

And she says "don't you leave at 5:00am?"


The morning at the bike shop taught me to remove the resivor & caliper and whole front break assembly from the bike. Hang the resivor from the celing with the lever sticking up. Place a screwdrive shaft into the caliper (as a spacer), pull the line Straight, and tap tap tap the line. All those !%&* airbubbles float to the top.

Get a someone to help and do a bleed while holding the line straight up.

Then pop it back on the bike, do a bleed or two and the front break is better than ever!

It took the machanic about 20 minutes from dead to perfect.

Now I know.

May the "night before the big ride" Never strike you down.


You should bleed the front brake right at the master cylinder (brake reservoir).

The procedure is the same: pump the front brakes, then loosen the banjo fitting right at the brake reservoir to bleed the air, then tighten the banjo bolt. I had to do this to my street bike as well as bleed the hydraulic clutch.

The gravity thing does work though.

Ya the gravity thing will work if you want to take everything off, 20 minutes is a lot of work compared to 5 for regular bleeding. On my street bikes I run a banjo bolt that has a bleeder nipple in the end of it for where the line bolts to the master.


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