I am looking to buy a camelbak and was just wondering what the best one would be for mtbing and dirtbiking??

Thanks for your help! :thumbsup:

I have a 3 liter and always seem to run it it dry.

There is one I got here from work that is completely insulated (all the way to the mouthpiece) and it works good in the heat. It stays cold throughout my whole ride with only a few cubes of ice in there and the rest filled with good ol H20. I can't remember what the model name is though, sorry.


depends on how much stuff you want to carry. I got one of the "blue wave" style camelbak. holds 2 liters and lasted me till the last lap of the hare scrambles last sunday.(close to 2 hrs, but it was 85 out) it also has small pockets to stash your keys, phone, powerbar into. It only cost $35 @ sportsmens warehouse

Keep in mind that water weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon so a 2 liter unit is gonna be

better than 4 lbs of liquid

I'd stick with the name brand stuff replacement parts are available at major sporting goods stores

depends on how much stuff you want to carry...

Exactly. I have a MULE and a HAWG and choose each depending on how much I want to carry for that ride. I also wish I had one of the 0 cargo models for the times I don't want to carry anything but water.

I would mostly just be carrying my phone and wallet with me. As for water amount it would be different on all my rides. some days I go out for hours and hours while some I just go out for a couple hours.

I have an Ogio. I bought an extra 2ltr bladder, and it will hold both of them. I was running out of water on our longer rides. There's room for tools, keys, etc. It's a great pack.

I have a $20 Outdoor Products brand from Wal-Mart. It holds 2 liters and has 3 pockets for tools and snacks. Works very well for me!

Get a good quality Camelback, get the 100 oz pouch. You can never carry enough water, if you're worried about weight, fill it half it you have to. Another good idea I recently learned is a bottle of spare water just in case you lose your bite valve and your water. Carrying a spare 12-16 ouncer is good insurance.

I have the mule...It carries everything I need and is not too big and bulky..

I have the blowfish. It holds 100 oz of H2o and has two zipper pockets and a bungee cord cargo net ( i use it for trash ). The large pocket has a expandable zipper so it is huge. I can put all my tools in it, food, extra fuel, and a small jacket if the weather calls for it. It is a CamelBak brand. I broke the straps a year and half ago. Called CamelBak and sent it in. Two weeks later they sent me a brand new one. Quality.

I have a $20 Outdoor Products brand from Wal-Mart. It holds 2 liters and has 3 pockets for tools and snacks. Works very well for me!

Same here, works great. 3yrs old and no problems.

Consider the one that holds the most water. You can always fill it with less water if weight is a consideration but you have the option to hold more. Even with shorter rides, I started filling mine to the max to account for breakdowns.

I have the Ogio 1950, Very Ingenius design. Comes with the Hydration Bladder and has great Tool pouches. Something like $70 or 80....

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