426 Starting

I recently bought my 1st bike a 2001 YZ 426. I have searched and have the starting procedure down but have a question. I havn't had it since new and want to know if this is normal or I should have it checked.

Sometimes when starting the bike I will kick it down until the kickstarter is hard then pull the decomp and start it and it will kick over and fire fine.

Other times it seems that when I try kicking after pulling the decomp and returning the starter to the top that it kicks a couple inches then gets immediately hard. Not just for 1 kick but sometimes many kicks and is frustrating when hot. It sounds different and doesn't even try to start. Is it on the wrong stroke or broken?

I know it has to be on the compression stroke, so does this mean that I am trying to start it on the exhaust stroke or should I have the bike checked.

Another good one that tells you about starting procedures and other helpful tips is http://www.thumperfaq.com

sounds like you are returning all the way to the top before kicking through

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