Adjusting clickers in as suspension ages.

Would it be reasonable or wise to tighten up the clickers as the forks/shock and oil ages?

If they are going soft on you I would consider having them serviced/rebuilt. Stiffening them up will not hurt anything, but it sounds like they might be due.

Thats the thing, I ride pretty tame, mostly fire roads and some slow trails. I'm not sure if I would notice any change especially if it was gradual.

I highly doubt that they have changed a bit from light riding. It would take some major abuse. I adjust my suspension every ride on my motocross bike for given conditions. I have never seen them need more :thumbsup:

I'm told the oil does break down over time so that even light riding would be affected after a while.

I'm changing my fork oil at least once a year. But last year it was more frequent because I blew a seal twice.

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