YZ timed off idle jetting bog helper

As I Spent my beautiful Saturday at the bike shop, I asked the mechanic what he thought about "my bike boging if you open the throttle quickly" problem. I told him I was running YZ timming, 180 main, 48 pilot, DVR 4th, airscrew out 2 3/4 and E-series w/ 10 discs. "Right in the Zone" he says.

He then proceeded to remove the accelerator pump push rod, and bends it a hair straighter. He said it causes the accelerator pump to squirt More fuel sooner.

It did help the responce off the idle and she pulls harder from the bottom.

If you whip the throttle open really quickly off idle, she still dips, but not as bad. He said because she is a fourstroke, you can't whip the throttle like a two-stroke.

So, The bike is running better than ever with the YZ timing and DVR.

and, I'm now certain Clark is right on the money with the DVP, as it just makes sence.

A little richer off idle from thinner taper.

It seems that quite a few of you guys have listend to Master Clark sooner............ two places told me the DVP needle is backordered :)

So, now I know.

and I Give Thanks :D

Try moving the TPS clockwise this helps reduce the hesitation at lower revs.

The DVP needle does not have a thinner taper the taper is the same as the DVR it does have a slighly thinner straight section which will richen up the throttle resonse between 0 and 1/8 throttle. As pointed out by James D. there is a minor difference between the DVR and the DVP needle as too when the taper starts but it is totaly controable with needle clip position. Once on the tapered section of the needle the DVR and DVP needle are the same.

My experience is the DVP works better with the YZ CAM timing than the DVR.


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