Anyone know of bhp for an 01 yzf

Hi to all i am curious to know what the bhp of a 01 yzf the reason for asking is i get my license in 2 weeks i am thinking about trading in for an aprilia rs125which has about 30bhp

about the same. within a horse or two of each other

Id say an '01 250F would be 30-35 hp. I know that my '06 250F was 36 hp. Its pretty sad that my '06 YFZ 450 SE put out slightly LESS horsepower than my '06 YZ 250F did! :thumbsup:

does anyone know how much an 01 wr with all free mods done makes?

with a pipe and carbon airbox my 01 wr makes about 34

whats a carbon air box?

carbon fiber

oh, doesnt that just make it lighter?

oh, doesnt that just make it lighter?

Apparently it was not just for looks or weight, the CF airbox actually flowed better than the plastic one. I had the one off my cousin's bike off the subframe when I took his bike apart to "recondition it" and you can tell the CF airbox is damn fragile.


Here is a pic of my cousin on his bike (he's way too big for a 250f :worthy: :worthy:)


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