Back for more help with WR250 Problems

Ok first let me say thanks to all of you for help on a previous thread I started where my 2006WR250 was really making me mad.

I've done everything suggested, jetting, power now kit, mods, pipe, airbox etc and the bike is still just a pile.

When I run it up wide open it starts to cut like when a car floats it's valves. Now I'm not tapping this thing out at like 10 K or something it's just up around 7-8K rpm and my 03 didn't have any issues with that. Also when it gets warmed up it runs worse. It's doggy in the bottom and lacks power all around.

I was told by the Yamah guys it could be the Stater or Ignition but it's been like this from the day I took it off the showroom floor.

So is it worth trying something like a Vortex ignition or something or does anyone have any other ideas why this bike just won't step up?

Thanks all


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