Give me a BRAKE!

All of you that are experienced stoppers can give me some advice.

It's about time for me to replace my brake pads. I haven't done this before although I can't imagine it's that difficult.

However, the owners manual says I have to bleed the brakes after I change the pads. Major Bummer!


1) Do I really have to bleed the brakes after changing the pads?

2) What are the best pads to get? How much? Where?

3) I assume I have to take the wheels off the bike when I change them? Just want to be sure here.

4) How do I know for sure I need to change them?

By the way, YZ timing seems to eat through the pads quicker since my engine braking is reduced. Not that big of a deal but just an interesting note (DUH!).


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Hey Bryan,

How are you today? Good I hope.

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Bryan, replacing the brake pads is as easy as pie. I pulled mine off the other day and cleaned them up real good. I was running around to a couple of shops and brought them with me to see if they thought they needed replacing. Both Performance and CPS said they are still in good shape. So I put them back in. Again, easy as pie. I had my wheels off to get new rubber but I don't think you even have to remove the wheels to get the pads in and out. I have over 2000 miles on those pads.

Now I do need to bleed my brakes, but I'm not sure I want to do that myself. It sounds complicated and scary.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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Thanks Doug. My pads were roughly in the same shape as yours. So it sounds like I can wait a while.

Bleeding the brakes is pretty easy, I've done it before, but it takes a little time and I just don't feel like doing it.


My brakes really start grinding about an hour or so into the ride. Is this normal? I can't imagine they need replacing yet. I bet my bike has less than 500 miles on it. ??

Yes, mine grind and squeak too. I'm not worried about it since the pads look OK. Lots of grit gets in there and that's un-avoidable.



Brake On! :)


want to ditch work on Friday and ride with me and Jake at Rampart/Woodland Park? Are you feeling a little ill?


I really appreciate the offer, but I leave for Phoenix tomorrow for an ASU graduation. Believe me, I'd much rather be riding :) You'll have to let me know how the ride was. I'd love to do that in the future!


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1) The last 12 times I replaced my brake pads I maybe bled the once.

2) Semi metallic pads last longer but are tougher on the rotor and don't stop quite as well.

3)I never take the wheel off.

4)As long as its not metal to metal, no need to replace them. Just don't let it get that far, its not pretty for the rotor.

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