I can't beleive I got beat by a chain saw!

The OregonOldtimers National MX event was held at Washougal WA on July 7th and 8th. There were 3 motos on Sat and 2 on Sunday. There were 3 HVAs in a field of over 350 riders. Dave Scott rode his TC250 to an overall win in the 80+ Master class and rode really great. My son Anthony rode his Husqvarna CR125 in the Support C class rode consistently and improved each moto. I rode my '06 WR/CR 250 in the 40+ Novice class and placed 2nd overall in a field of 32 riders. I was at the front in 3 different motos but at 49years of age I sometimes just run out of gas! It was a great weekend of racing and it was a lot of fun.

At any rate, I wanted to share a classic line which a guy shared with me after exiting the gate at the end of the 5th moto on Sunday. One of the top 5 finishers on a KTM pulled over to chat and congratulate one another on a great weekend of racing. Then he looked at my bike and said; "A Husqvarna 2 stroke?....Jeez, I can't believe that I got beat by a chain saw!" We all got a really good chuckle out of that line.

I believe that Dave will be heading up to BC, as will Anthony and I to compete in the next OT event during the middle of August.


'06 WR/CR250

'04 CR125


You should have replied back to him "No, you just got whipped by one wicked sewing machine!"


... the 80+ Master class ...

As in 80 years old?

Congrats to you guys :thumbsup:

is't better to get beat by a chainsaw (husky) to get beat by a piano (yamaha)...



80+ class? Simply amazing. There's a fellow up here, I think he's 73, and he still flys. Smooth and fast. He inspires us young guys (40+).

Are you coming to the Alberta international event in August? I'll be the other WR250 in your 40+ novice class. Wave as you lap me!


Yes Steve. Dave Scott is 82 years of age and he is still riding great on his Husqvarna TC250. He gives me a goal to look forward to.

As far as Oldtimers is concerned, my cousins and I are planning to head up to the next event in Agassiz BC next month, but I don't believe that we will be able to attend the Alberta event. You will need to lead the way for Husqvarna up in Alberta.

After a 17 year retirement for MX racing I am slowly getting back into it. I plan to ride the 50 Am class next year and see where it goes from there. My ultimate goal is to see more HVAs leading the pack on the MX track.


'06 WR/CR 250

'04 CR 125

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