VOR overheated

Hi everyone,

My Son took my 01 V-Cross riding and overheated it. He said that radiator fluid and oil was coming out of the overflow. Of course he didnt wash it when he returned it and I can see where it has oil all over it. ( nice son eh ? :thumbsup: ) Can anyone give me a guess on what was damaged before I take it into the shop ? Im in SO Calif. The head and barrel/piston has been switched to a later yr 530 model.


it is possible that the water pump seal has failed and allowed oil into the cooling system .

i am far from an expert on VOR 'S , heck i have never seen one , i am only giving you my opinion .

A couple of things could have happened. The most obvious is a blown head gasket. That doesn't mean the rest is toast.

Some of the VOR's (Later 2001's and the 2002's) had a plastic therostat housing that would warp and restrict the thermostat. Need to just ditch it and put a copper "tee" in its place.

Could also have wasted the water pump seal and bearing. Thats a more likely source of oil in the water than the head gasket, your about due anyway with an '01 motor. Especially if it got warm.

My first question would be how did it get hot? Slow speed trails? Wound out in the desert?

If it was low speed stuff, my bet is its not a head gasket. Probably the water pump seal.

High RPM's with 530 barrel on a 503, its the head gasket.

hi there i would say pop your water pump off and have a look thats the most likely. you see the way the system works on a vor is there is a remote oil feed to the top end via the braided hose that runs from the oil screen on the right hand side of the motor and the other is a splash feed from the cam gears so there are no real internal oilways near any waterway in the motor its not like a car engine. the water pump is fairly simple to do and it is well overdue if it hasnt been done yet if you type in disasembling vor waterpump you will find a post simular wich will help to make sure the waterpump is done propely. any probs pm me cheers Muddy!

Thank you for all the replies ! Slow speed riding, 2nd gear following his girlfriend. I opened the oil fill and did not see any water in the crankcase. I'll get to the waterpump this week and let everyone know what has happened. Thanks again for all the advice !


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