Trailtech Vapor, WTF?

So, I was elated to see that Thumpertalk was now selling Vapor kits, but when I added one of the kits to my cart (56-0776), I noticed it was listed actually as a Lynx (which I don't believe they even MAKE anymore), and was selling for about the same price as a Lynx.

I'm hopping that this is just a database error, and gets fixed soon :thumbsup:

Do not buy a Lynx. A replacement should be available later this month, July 07.

I just checked on this....

56-0776 is the correct part number for the Vapor kit from our distributor. It is just in our database as the Lynx. Yes, a database error on our part.

If you want to order one online go ahead.... just in the comments box make a note -so theres no confusion when your order is processed- that you want the vapor and that the part # is correct with our distributor for the vapor and its just in our database as the lynx. If our processor has any confusion, she WILL call you.

I also checked stock for you and we have a ton available.

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