Transmission problem

Yes I have a problem with my transmission, just the second gear. When I am accelerating in second gear it feels like someone is holding the rear brake and the bike is jumping and whopping instead of a smooth acceleration.

Has someone dealt with this problem before or know what it could be?

It´s a yz125 -97


Sounds like you might have broken a tooth off of 2nd gear in the trany.

If it is a broken gear, that tooth is floating around in there.

Drop the oil & see if it or most likely part of it comes out. I wouldn't ride it with shrapnel in my trany.

A magnetic drain plug is a great way at keeping track of what is going on inside the trans.

I broke a tooth off third gear at the Qualifier in Idaho City this year. DNF.

The gear just let go. Everything else was great. Just a weak gear. It happens.

No I definitily doesn´t run the bike untill it´s fixed. Hmm that was sad news but I had expected it.

Is it something that I can fix myself? I have done alot of internal works on engines before both dirtbikes and cars but I have never messed with the trans on dirtbike before. I know I have to cut the engine but do I need to rebalance the crank again? The engine was rebuilt 5-10 hours ago with new internals...

Ok here is the answer on this question for other people searching for the same thing:

You guys were almost right, it was both second gears in the trans that were worn but not broken which was a relief. And the the third gear was on its way too so right now im waiting on new parts. I did all the work myself and it wasnt so hard that I thought!


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