Evansville HS 7-15-07

Ok guys, i'm a virgin, what should i expect from Evansville?

How much of the MX track is included in the HS?

How beat up is the course and will it kill an old man?

I will be there Sunday riding B Senior ( only 'cause there is no C)

Are the young guns going to run with us old timers or are the classes run seperate?

Only some of the MX track is used, none of the big jumps, lots of grass track and off camber stuff, some woods, they use every bit of the property for the HS race. A few nice hills. Senior B, you will be on line with other senior B riders, those are the guys you will be up against. All A classes start in front of you and C classes start behind you. So yeah, in a way, the young guns are out there too but you need not worry about them or if they pass you, you just don't want to get passed by someone in your class/group. You usually get a colored sticker for the back of your helmet, so you know who is who out there. As far as getting killed or beat up, depends on how in shape you are or your real skill level and/or they type of riding you do for practice.

well,, i survived! dind't finish, but didn't die. Hell, i didn't finish a lap. Almost did, but figured i should quit before the old man has a coronary. I think i need just a tad of cardio training. I got on my back on an off camber with the bike on top of me and my head facing downhill. All i could do is wait for 2 nice guys to pull it off of me. They asked if i was ok and i said just a little rusty, thats when the one guy said i figured so by looking at the grey hair. Oh, did i tell you i was on my back a few?long enough to get the helmet off and shut off the fuel which was running up my leg which was pinned between the bike and a log. So i think i'll loose some weight, try to fun a bit and see what the fall brings. Maybe i will finish a lap or 2! It was a blast though.

Sorry to hear you had to take a soil sample the hard way. Glad to hear your in one piece and your pride is still intact. We all learn lessons every time we ride. This is the best exercise you can get and a great stress reliever. I'm sure you will do better next time. It's awesome when you think back during the week on what is was you did on Sunday. DUDE! YOU RACED IN A REAL RACE!

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