Carb slide problem and what Yamaha did to fix

I have a reply from Yamaha Australia regarding the carb slide. I asked about the failures, and what they have done to fix the problem (if anything).

Here is the response.


The carb slide has been superceded (old version now unavailable). The new

carb can be fitted to the 98 and 99 model WR400's. The 2000 model has a

different throttle valve assembly.


Martin Kypr

From that I think that they are saying the new carby on the 00 model has a different slide. I know the new carby is heaps different on the outside, but I didn't think it would be so much different on the inside.

Also note from that letter, that the carb slide is not available anymore, and to fix a broken one you will need to replace the whole carby.

Imagine the $$$.


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REPLACE THE WHOLE CARBY?????????????????????? ARE THEY SERIOUS???????????????????? Do they have any idea what they are talking about in dollars? With the Aussie $ being 65% of us yanks, you can only hope your slide doesn't crack. Those dudes are serious crack smokers if thet think this is an affordable option.

Hi Roh,

I think the YAMAHA dealer you talk to are bull shitting. The carb slide confirm will be avaliable and they must be thinking that we are some stupid as to belive them. The carb slide will cost me about 150 singapore dollar. Just think about the DRZ AND KTM they are using the same carb too. Many of us in my country has experience this problem as we ride on the street alot. My has 19000km and I broke my on the 13000km.

Yeah, and by the way, according to my local dealer, the carb costs $850 (usd) to replace.


The carb slides are still available at the moment, but I think it's the intentionof Yamaha to phase them out.

That letter was not from some "crack smokin" dealer (which most seem to be) but it was from Yamaha Australia head office.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000 WR400FL

Rod and others....

Just how prevailant is the slide problem??

After reading about it on the web pages I rang three dealers (two of them rent out WRs and they have around 16000km on them) who said they had not ever had it happen or have one in the shop...???

My new (secondahand) WR has about 4000km on it - im wondering if I should buy a slide and keep it for/if it happans (I dont really have the $$ to do this - but its better than an engine failure or new carb...)

Cheers and thanks,



A few people here have found their's to be cracked, and it may be worth just checking yours. Have you priced the slide from the Australian dealers ?

If you want to talk to a dealer who knows something try Bike Biz in Sydney, they seem to know more than anyone else, as they sell and service more WR's than any other delaer in Australia. The thing is you need to replace it before it breaks, because if it does then your engine is toast. Don't get too worried about it though, as yours should still be fine with only 4000kms on it.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000 WR400FL

Gary, I don't think this is a HUGE problem. It has happened to several riders on this forum but we are getting feedback from all over the world.

I think a good rule of thumb is to watch it. If you clean out your air box, change some jetting, lube your rear linkage etc., take the opportunity to inspect the slide for cracks.

Many of us have had no problems. I have 2000+ offroad miles on my bike and it looks fine. It's just one of those things that if it breaks, your screwed!


Not only is the slide available, but individual parts of the slide are available as seen by parts #19,20,21,22 here


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My slide broke and got swallowed last month at 5300km. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and a new slide was available ($150) . Be very carefull of the rubber sealing ring on it also, as this costs $50!!!!!.

Dealer had not seen it happen before, but this forum shows it does.


Hey Damian,

I think the O RING behind the slide cost only a few dollars.

Checked my slide last night, didnt take long... I took it right out, cleaned it and checked it out under a strong light - good as gold !! (phew...)

My bike has about 4000km on it.

I rang bike biz and they can get the slide ($118AU) and oring to suit ($32AU) fairly quickly.




Victoria - Oz

hi fellow riders, slide probl is just like a time bomb in your bike.

once the time comes, it will just explode anywhere,anytime.

example, you were trailing half way into the mountain range, when your slide give way and been sucked right into the cylinder.

so the only way to prevent this is to do regualr checking on your slide.

i think the rubber o-ring behind the slide maybe be causing the slide to crack and broken, still half way through my analysing, will keep you guys inform of my trial and experiment on this.

Remember those who have the 2000 model WR don't need to worry about it as the new carb has been changed, and the slide is not the same.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

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My theory to the slide problem is when we open the throttle and let it 'crack' back.

Try it when the bike it parked up and listen to the noise when the slide bottoms out.

Sounds very 'metalic'.

Just my 2cents :)



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