Add second petcock to right side of XR400R tank?

The stocker is shaped like an upside down tuning fork- hence, of course, the quanity of gas left in the tank MOCKING ME as I was pushing the bike.

It's on the right side- and appears to need to climb impossibly high to cross the top.

So, I got to thinking- why not add a second petcock, and a Y-connector to connect the two?

Why don't they do this from the factory?

I just want to get full use out of the stock tank- I recently "ran out of gas"- which means I had some gas in there, mocking me because I couldn't lean the bike over far enough.

Ideas? Experiences?

I have a Clarke After market 4.2 Gal and when I hit reserve I stop and tip my bike over to the Petcock side and get more gas. Adding a second petcock could be hard to get it to seal with out the nuts that are molded into the tank.

A plastic welding shop could probably add a 2nd petcock if you brought them a brand new tank to do it on. Otherwise just lean the bike over.

That is how I got home the one time I ran out on reserve. Laid the XR400 on the left side, picked it up, and rode home... feeling stupid!

I think of it as "extra secret (stupid) reserve".

That's the thing- I ran out of gas the other day- I tried the tip method, and it didn't work. Maybe I didn't tip it enough (although it was damn near the left footpeg, while on the side of a 55mph road and near a ditch)... ...but it got me thinking: "This is a pretty dumb design."

Two petcocks would seem a bit smarter, I would think.

I might have to try it.

I'd say get ready to ruin a tank.

Might be easier, more reliable to run a weighted pick up tube from the petcock nipple inside the tank to the other side. Rig it so that the on position of the petcock draws from the pickup tube on the right side of the tank and the reserve position draws from the petcock side of the tank. Might take an aftermarket petcock to do it or the stock one might be rigged to do it.

Why do you think it would necessarily ruin the tank?

This is why I posted this- to hear of concerns or experiences befoore I try.

you could always put a barbed hose nipple in both sides with a hose going down to a T then to the carb. Somewhere put an inline shut-off valve. You would loose the reserve capability but you could drain the tank.

Maybe if you could get your hands on a trashed out cheapie tank, you could give it a try. I too have thought that design is lame. Sometimes you can get the trashed white tanks on ebay for nothing but shipping. Might be worth the 20 bucks to see if you ruin the tank. I'm just wondering that if you use some good sealant that it might work.

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