HHHHHHHeeeeeelllllllpppppppppp Head nut stripped!!!

I need to know how to get it off. I was using a socket, and try'd penitrating lube. HELP please

Vise-grip, find a crappy socket that is slightly smaller than the real size of the nut, pound it on there with a hammer and get it off that way. Use a nut splitter, heat it, die grinder, hacksaw.

heat, pb blast (not at teh same time lol) and locking pliers

simple fix. Go get yourself some bolt removers from sears. The are like sockets but have swirl-like groves in them. Find the right size one(they come in packs of like 9) and pound it on the bolt a bit. Then take a socket on the bolt remover and twist. The more force that is exerted the more the bolt remover bites into the stripped bolt. I used it on my stripped oil plug. The vice grip method would even budge it then the bolt remover moved it like it was nothing. Just remoember to keep constant pressure on it as you turn to make sure the groves bite.

get an easy out, i used 1 today, and as long as the bolt isnt really fricken tight then it will come out

tak weld a wrench to it. twist its off good luck

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