My review on the DB snorkel

BIKE: 97 CR125

I recieved my DB snorkel today at about 430 pm. I must first say that it comes nicely packaged and shipped by UPS. I got my snorkel in 2 days. I immediately opened the package and inspected the snorkel. It looks very high quality. I pulled out the instructions and expected to get these hard to follow and general directions about how to install it. NO. I got a poster sized 8 step very detailed instruction manual. I start into the project by doing step one. I will not go into detail on the steps, but I will say that they were clear, but not just a piece of cake. You have to cut and custom fit the snorkel according to your silencer and bike. Not hard, but not easy. I finshed installing my DB snorkel in about 50 min. Probably wouldn't take that long had I had the ideal tools. The ones I used weren't wrong, they just weren't "ideal". I had my airfilter drying while I was doing this procedure. I finally got my bike back together and washed it off with the hose. Then I change my tranny oil and let my bike dry while I helped my Dad clean his truck. I was very anxious to try out my snorkel and see if it lowered sound as muich as it claims. Now let me say that I just wanted to take it a few slow laps around the field, so I didn't have a helmet on. I started it up and I was blown away by how quiet my bike was. I am sure I got a good 5-7 DB of sound reduction. I took off, without warming it up to let my Dad hear it while I was riding at my normal spot. He says my bike is 1/2 as loud. I was riding the bike without a helmet and felt as if I had the helmet on without the DB snorkel installed. It's that quiet. Not to mention no loss of power whatsoever. NONE. I am throughly pleased with my purchase of the DB snorkel and advise anyone and everyone looking to make there bike quieter to give this thing a try. Awesome product and service. Thats another thing. The owner is a SUPER NICE GUY and is very honest with you. Always answered my calls and helped me in anyway possible. Best personal help from any company. I give the DB snorkel and the staf there a 10 out of 10. Awesome product!!!!!!!!!

PICS BELOW!!!!!!!!

Could you post some more pics?

Did you notice a significant drop in power or snap? Ive always been curious about this. :thumbsup:

wow ive seen a few guys around the bush with those. never knew what they were thats very ugly though and i bet shed take the power away

wow ive seen a few guys around the bush with those. never knew what they were thats very ugly though and i bet shed take the power away

Response to underline- You cant see behind the number plate, so it really isn't ugly at all. Mine doesnt stick out far enough to look bad.


Did you notice a significant drop in power or snap? Ive always been curious about this. :thumbsup:

Bold- I didn't notice even 1/2 a hp loss. Felt like the same bike. Same snap, pull, and power.

Could you post more pics?

Will post more later.

More Pics.....:thumbsup:






wouldnt the smaller plastic end cap on the end of your silencer restrict exhaust exit and wouldnt it melt?

Dude part of your chain is gone.

What about your swingarm/rear brake clearance? I've never seen (or heard of) one of these things.

It is made of a very high quality rubber and will deflect if positioned correctly when it hits the swingarm/caliper. I PS'ed out the chain so the thread would stay on topic and ppl wouldn't say dude your chain is loose. No, it doesn't melt, it is a high temp rubber and is made not to melt. The opening at the back is for the high pressure exhaust pulses, the rest of the exhaust goes down the tube and out. When it is smoking, it looks funny cause more smoke is coming out the tube than out the small opening at the back.

That is one of the weirdest things I've seen on a bike. Almost like that pic with the car muffler attached as a silencer, but hey if it functions, then sweet! :thumbsup:

So, I take it that "quieter" is the intent of this product?

Quieter is good, but that is one funny-looking part!

Oh, well. I'm funny-looking, but I'm effective. You can't always be perfect!


I've been looking at that product for some time. I'm glad to see that it doesn't adversely affect the power of the bike. My only concern and hopefully you can give some feedback on it, is when you are doing some slow technical trail riding, does it bog down and foul plugs?



I haven't had any kind of different performance from before installation. I with 1/4 turn leaner on the air screw and that was it. I feel like I added slightly more bottom end and didn;t lose any top at all.

More bottom end? Nice!

In my opinion, yes I recieved more bottom end. The reason I predict this is because I used to cross my dry creek and wheelie out, and now I jump out. It might just be me, but I feel as though I certainly recieved at least a little more bottom.

i love the sound of a wound out 2 stroke. why would you want to eliminate that??

It either a quiet bike or no bike. The neighbors called the police on me 2 times. I made a thread on PT, go read there. It still sounds like a "wound out" 2 smoke, just now deeper, more like a 250 instead of a 125.

Reducing sound is far more important than the looks. Loud bikes get riding areas closed. Good for you:thumbsup:

i just put one on my '04 yz250. probably the coolest thing i've ever bought. mildly ugly but absolutely no, and i mean no drop in performance but it certainly quieted the bike down. the chamber noise seems really loud now but thats probably due to the fact i can;t hear the silencer anymore. i had no problems with clearance of rear brake or anything. i highly recomend these for anyone who takes chances on anoying anyone with their bikes exhaust. they are really sweet.

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