How tight should the steering head bearings be?

N00b question here. I finally got a motorcycle lift stand (one of those Craftsman bike/ATV rolling ones), and the Husky up in the air. I was kind of surprised that the front end didn't even move. Seems like a lot of drag on it. I had been riding it on the street this way, and never noticed anything.

Should rock side to side pretty easily, no effort? Or is this drag normal and will go away with more hours?

There should be some drag to it, I normally tighten mine down to the point that it won't swing without a slight push when the wheel is off the ground.

Depends if the wiring and cables are impacting,very minumum drag but zero play or knock in the bearings,dont go overboard on the bearings,massive load on the bearings occurs with a little tension on the nut,better slightly tight then slightly loose,adjustment is more art than science if you get my drift.

Dont know if Huskys are the same but be careful that the bottom nut does not move when the top nut is tightended and have the top tripal tree looose

on the fork so it moves down with the adjustment.Most of this is general info

on the bikes I have worked on including older Huskys,I have not done it on my 05 TE

when you do it

In addition to overtight, check the grease on the head bearings? There have been several post about the lack of grease on these bearings.


Guess I got lucky, they must of got carried away a bit as my bike had grease oozing out pretty much everywhere. Good idea to check the grease though if it seems tight.

Yup, check the bearings. i was one of the unfortunate ones that only had a few hours on the bike and the steering was becoming noticeably harder. sure enough, the bottom set of bearings were toast and the top ones still ok to use but had minimal grease...and the bike was new with only a few hours on it! You'd think it would be good to go (has been on my other bikes) but it wasn't. Still love the bike though, just something to check.

The bars should move easy from side to side with little or no resistance. Something is wrong with yours. I'm guessing you might need bearings. Clean and inspect and reset as described here. Tight so there is no play but still easily flops from side to side.

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