Motorex semi-synthetic

Hey guys, I just grabbed some oil and did an oil change. I've been using motorex synthetic motor oil, but i accidentaly grabbed some semi-synthetic oil. I mixed the two and am wondering if I'm A-OK? They are both Motorex and the same weight. Thanks.

The bike is an 07 250xc (I accidentally posted under my bros sn again)

its fine, no problems, but it it bothers you change it after one ride. That will be like cleaning your gb out like a flush.

Thanks for your quick reply! I'll just change it in about 300 miles when we have to do my dad's 450

I've been told by one of the guys at the local shop that once you go to synthetic oil that you have to stay with it. A swap back to conventional may cause clutch slipping dut to the differences in additives.

Now, I don't know if this is true, or only true for some brands of oil, or what.....but if you have clutch slippage on your next ride you may know the culprit. But with the high quality of motorex I'd be supprised if this problem were to show up, but I figured I'd spread the internet rumor just in case it might be true.

Ok thanks for the heads up, If I notice any problems I'll switch back when I get home. I usually run fully synthetic but I accidently bought the wrong bottle (wasn't thinking that day). Anyways I mixed it with some fully synthetic. I had about 400ccs of fully synthetic and 300ccs of semi.

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