i have the boysen ap and started with a 45 pilot and 140 main after the cam recall ran great until about two weeks ago,im in amarillo,tx we have had mild summer above average humidity. ive tried just about everything . today i put a 42 pilot and 138 main seemed to help but still has a bog about half throttle, stARTS AND Idles fine air screw two turns out

Have you wired the a/p cams yet? You can slip a small but thick o-ring over it too, to hold the foot from the cam tight to the set screw. Seems to help the most!

get your carb redone your bike will never bog again!

no i havent wired them to be honest i dont know how i need a diagram or instructions im not stupid ive done the valves and rejetted it just dont know what and where the ap cams are i contacted my dealer and there not sure on what to do

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