will this work?

hmm no.

why you think thats going to be an upgrade?

get bbr's sp5 conversion kit

I think they should fit.

But I don't see how those old forks would be any better than the xr70 forks

Get SP5 forks. Or you can get the SP5 springs and the dampening rods. Then you would have a fork that was internally identical to the SP5. It would actually be better because I hear the SP5 seals are crappy and a lot of people replace them with CRF70 seals.

those sp5 forks are close to 500 bucks...i would never dump that much into my 70...not to mention i dont have the much money. i thought those 80 forks would be better cuz they are probably longer and stiffer. idk it was just an idea. any other suggestions? thanks again

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