Which Handguards to buy?

I want to install some handguards, but can't decide which ones to get. I've always just used the plain jane MX style handguards (like the ones that come stock on a lot of bikes). However, I do like the idea of the Acerbis Rally Pros, but they feel like they weigh around 3lbs. The regular plastic Rally guards might be a good choice because they're supposedly 40% lighter than the Rally Pros. I don't know if I really need the "barkbuster" strength as found in the Rally Pro guards. Yes I do ride tight woods quite a bit, but have never had any kind of hand injury in my years of riding.

I'd like to hear from some of you as to what kind of handguards you're running, and why you like (or dislike) them.


I use the Rally Pro guards. They are aluminum with plastic spoilers molded on. They are a little heavy.

My buddy just installed the all plastic ones, they seem to fit a little better & I am sure they are lighter & cheaper.

Do we really need the protection of the aluminum? I don't know, but I have heard of a few people breaking the plastic ones in a crash.


I use the all plastic version but I really haven't had any wrecks to test their durrability yet.

Has anybody tried the new acerbis Flag Handguards ?

Im also looking at putting a set on my m/c as I'm tired of pulling thorns out of my hands :)

Look like they should mount relatively easily as they are an open design.

Paul Card


I use the meiyer Woods Pro Aluminumum guards and matching palstic protectors. They don't weight hardly anything.

The reason I chose these is that the area where your hands go is slightly larger than other brands. I had the Enduro Engineering on my last bike-they worked really well-plenty of falls, dings, trees, etc and they never bent. But i like the added hand area of the meiyer.

Hey Tim, regards from WA.

I use the pro rallys, for what its worth I love em. I've dropped my bike more than my fair share and have had no problems what so ever. I have heard though that the plain rally guards will break with any sort of significant fall.

On a side note, I had always seen these guys that had just thrown there guards on and not really cared how the grips fit or looked when they were finished. I took great care in hollowing out my throttle tube and grinding out the ends of my renthal grips so that the final result was clean. I can tell you it looks every bit as good if not better then any stock KTM guards I've seen.

Oh yeah, I got my Pro rally's for 62.99 from hipersports.com. Great price!

Good Luck!

JJ in WA

I've tried both acerbis brands, rally pro (aluminium plus plastic) and also the plain plastic ones.

The plastic only guards really works to protect hands and levers when the impact comes from the front (depending on speed of bike and mass of the impact object you are hitting of course), but when the impact is lateral or when the bike falls down on idle to either side, most likely your plastic break close to the handlebar, cause they were not designed to support lateral impacts.

This situation is absolutely overcome incluiding aluminum bars in the protection device.

Regards :)


I have the Acerbis Rally Pro (combo Aluminum/Plastic). They have taken many hits on trees and rocks. My hands and all controls on the handle bars are still in original shape. I wouldn’t leave home without them.

I had a problem with the handle bar mounting bracket hitting the IMS tank. My first fix was to reposition the bracket and file the sharp corner off. That worked to avoid hitting the tank. However, the handguards would rotate on impact of a spill. (I have plenty of those when doing hill climbs in greasy mud.) To fix the hand guard rotation, I took off the brackets that clamp around the handlebars and attach to the handguards. I replaced them with brackets fabricated out of 1/8" stainless flat stock, that attach the inside end of the handguards directly to the top triple clamp pinch bolts. They help avoid putting all of the impact energy into the handlebars. They are very clean and solid. Also, they allow for more room to mount other things on the handlebars.

Eric in WA

i bought the msr full alluminum ones. they seemd to be the beefiest. when you said you have never really had any hand problems the bar end arn't just to protect your hands they are also to protect your levers. the msrs are the best i think. one time i was on a tight trail and i slipped and my bike fell down about a 4 foot cliff on the side of the trail onto a solid rock right onto the bar ends the only thing that happened was the were scratched they wern't even bent. i love these things. they are cheaper than the full plastic acerbis and are a hell of a lot stronger. if they can stand up to that kind of punishment on a rock imagine how strong they are compared to trees. Oh yaa aluminum bushguards also strengthen your bars preventing bendage.

I've had MX, Rally and now have Rally PRO waiting ot be installed.

-MX guards were good for roost on the MX track and thats all... 1st dick off they bend back and start to break. (have 1 and 1/2 fitting to bike at moment :D )

-Rally guards are good but I have seen (have photo) of them breaking.

-Rally PROS are still in the packet :)

But they look trick and have alloy in the middle..

What more can you ask for?!?? :D:D



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

I've used most of the combinations of aluminum only plastic only and mix of plastic/aluminum. They all get the job done, save levers and fingers in most situations. Bottom line here is the more coverage the better....

-I've seen 2 guys go head-on and the one with no guards ended up with a broken finger.

-Have scabs on my knuckles right now because my rally guards weren't high enough going through the tree branches.

-Also have scars on the tops of my legs from when I went over the bars and the sharp corners on the inside brackets on the original bark busters cut through my riding pants. Learn from my mistake and be sure there aren't any sharp edges on your mounting hardware.

I have the Moose barkbusters and mud quards. I didnt like the way the mud guards bolted up to the inside of the barkbuster. It protects the plastic from some damage but when you impact something fairly hard. They tend to pull the crappy little tap screws out. Also falling in soft stuff. I've had to pull rocks out from between the guard and barkbuster.

Other than that, their OK.



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards.

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