MY 1985 CR125 project... kinda

I bought a 1985 cr125 from a junk yard today for 70 dollars. It was missing the right side clutch cover and the parts exposed were rusted. I took it home and started wrenching away and i relized that it is EXACTLY the same as my 03 rm125. The only that my bike had that it didnt was a powervalve....

Well i started taking it apart and i was taking off the air box and i touched the 20 year old air filter and it crumbled on my touch lol then i found the kick started shoved in the carb in the air box.

It was really cool looking back 22 years in mx, as i was taking it apart it seemed so new even though it was a piece of crap, it had its own legacy... lol I was taking it apart noticed some bolts had been replaced cuz the originals were lost, and it kind of told its story, you know some guy took it apart and didnt take care of bolts and lost them. lol I felt sorry for the bike (call me crazy). It was neglected, ended up losing a cover and was laying in a junk yard for years, no bike should be treated like that.

And you know what pisses me off the most? there was no reason at all to throw it in a junk yard. I coulnt find 1 thing wrong with it. its a shame

Well now im off to part it out.... I had alot of fun taking it apart, it was as fun as riding. The most fun was feeling like i was in the 80's it was awesome lol, working on my 85 cr125 in 86 after the race season taking it apart, greasing the bearings lol u kno

lol tell me wut u think, ill have pics of the bike tommarow, to bad i already took it apart, so no before pics

Oh and if you want any parts PM me

Too Bad. You will realize a profit, but shame you will not get to ride the bike

i bet that right side cover is the reason it was in the salvage yard to start with. honda made them out of magnesium in 1985 and most were corroded through within a very few years. i have a perfect example in my garage. i've had the bike since it was new, and that part has been repaired internally with bondo and jb weld coatings three times now. the part is not available from honda and every one i've seen is junk. the 1986 part is still available (and made out of aluminum instead of magnesium, i understand), but i haven't found anyone (including honda) who can tell me if it will work on the 1985. if you find a source, let me know. the rest of the bike is still perfect and runs like a raped ape.

Nice post, the 85 cr did have a atac powervalve.

I always hate junking old bikes, it is like saying goodbye to an old friend.:busted:

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