Land Use

just wanted to say the legislature is talking about the land use issue on CNN-Cspan righ now 6:16pm pacific-tuesday may 9th and the colorado rep, McInnis is blasting those elistist, meaning the ecos, who want to control forests they have never even been to. I find this very interesting, hes making good points about all the services/business that support recreation that would we be affected, by passing laws that would keep the people out. His message is to manage the forests, not lock the people out. Wish he'd come right out and call some of these clubs for what they really are, exclusionary, elitist, trying to cram their extremely biased and unfactual, propoganda down peoples throat. Its too bad most folks on the couch dont know the difference, since they dont recreate or visit these places. Those who go, know what state/condition the forests really are in. I recommend, ask you all to join either the Blue Ribbon Coalition or AMA to make sure we protect out rights, Just think there are only 250,000 ama members, I know there are more riders than that and you know who you are, please now you spend more than the cost of a membership on oil and plugs without thinking, so quit putting it off, call, its easy to read off the credit card # or join on line. AMA#306877

Thanks Oatmeal!

Next time you guys spend 50 bucks on stickers and decals, keep in mind that without the AMA and BRC, you won't be able to ride. It will sure look cool in the back of the truck. $20 $30


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