WC Rotating Bar Clamp on clutch side?

idk but ive heard goog things about asv levers, they wil probably pay for themselves in a few rides

I would have broken a few levers in my first day if it weren't for ASV's. I dropped my bike like 8 times and my friend dropped his once. His lever broke that one time, mine are good as new. Get ASV refurbishments off of ebay.

I have one on each side, made by ASV. They make them for the clutch side too.


a brake side rotator clamp will not work on the clutch side.......the hoels are too far off, i've tried. but as throttlejockey mentioned, asv makes them for the clutch side as well as brake side

and the asv lever are worth there weight in gold....i ahvent brokena lever in 3 years..............if you go to their ebay store too you can get good deals on all the asv stuff

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