Oz members - Tingate exhausts...

I have heard good things about Rod Tingate exhausts on road bikes (of say 750cc capacity), but not heard much about them on dirtbikes (specifically WR400) - except that they can add 4 to 5hp at top...anyone out there seen one or can comment on the quality of these pipes/mufflers (even if they have only seen one on a road bike)??




Victoria - Australia


I too have joined the legion of WR400 owners and am extremely happy with my beast. I bought the bike and installed a Tingate exhaust pipe. All I can say is that the performance difference over stock bought a smile to face. The Tingate is lighter, louder(yeeha!), and looks trick as it is stainless steel. I highly recommend buying the Tingate pipe.

Keep it on the back wheel.

Simon Grummett


throttle stop trimmed

tingate pipe

airbox lid removed

stock timing

Grum, did you trim the throttle stop, or did you buy the bike 2nd and and notice that it was done ?

The reason I ask this, is because the Aus. Wr's don't need it, with the stock stop the slide should be right open as YZF Engineering who compliance the Aus. WR's have put all the restricitions in the exhaust for the Aus. WR. This is the reason why the Aus. WR really needs a new pipe before anything else is done to it. The US muffler with the baffle is way better since you can remove it, and that is why you may be told that an exhaust upgrade is not really needed first up.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000 WR400FL

White Brother E-Series Tapered header, Devol Rad. guards, Renthals, WB frame guards, UFO rear guard and fork guards, Fastline braided brake hose.

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