Do you think these will work

I think white bros does a kit similar to this its a sleeve that inserts into the carb to down size it. Im not sure on this set up though

There are a lot of components that I would categorize as “gimmicky”. If you’re having problems with bogging, you need to insure that you have exhausted your jetting options and have this dialed in. Honestly, I wait for a publication from a reputable source before I buy. Case in point, there are a significant number of very expensive after market exhaust systems and many of these provide very little incremental improvement in overall performance. You would think that they would provide the specs from a dyno, comparing results to the factory performance measure. Instead, they rely on glitzy marketing.

If you get them tell us how they work

Cheaper than buying a new carb to get rid of the jetting and bogging problems.

Give it a try and see if it works. It should, as it's what other companies offer as a fix.

Going smaller on the carb would help the low end but suffer on the top. But by how much who knows?

Did the top end change that much on the 06 from the 05 model :thumbsup:

i think the 05 has more top than the 06, because it is said that the dual pipes add 1/2 ft lbs of tourque but subtract a 1/2 hp. So going off of that the top should be a little stronger on the 05. But on an mx track your not (or i'm not) really on the top end that much more the bottom and mid

Isn't the problems with our 06's the linkage in the carb, not the size?

Isn't the problems with our 06's the linkage in the carb, not the size?

The venturi on the 06 is 40mm while the 04/05 is 37mm. The air travels quicker through the smaller venturi. More vaccum/ less bog. Why Honda decided that duals needed a larger carb is a mystery considering the factorys use the 37.

I am considering a fresh 08 and before I sell the 05 I would swap carbs that's for sure.

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