what happened?

check out my shock here. landed no harder than usual on a 75' table. nothing too crazy. any ideas. its off a '07 450 with like 35 hours


What the! That's not good. I think what actually happened is your rear shock split down the middle.:thumbsup:

thats crazy!get your wallet out cause thats gonna cost some bucks to replace.

I'd say thats worth a call to your Yamaha dealer. Your bike probably isn't under warranty, but Yamaha still may help you.

Did you adjust your spring with a punch/screwdriver and slip and create a weak point on the threads not knowing it?

wow man!! :thumbsup: I wish i could even take a guess at how that happened but i wouldnt know where to start. Did yamaha change teh material for 07? I really cant think of an acceptable explanation as to why that happened.


I've never seen ANYTHING like that happen on a shock, from any vehicle. Looks like it's a faulty shock body. I'd take it into the dealer and see what Yamaha will do. This could be a serious safety issue, if suspension parts are breaking like that. There could be a recall coming (or maybe you just got a shock with casting flaws or something like that).

Take it to your dealer and see if Yamaha will help you. I don't think there will be a recall since I have never seen or heard of this happeneing to anyone else and the '07s have been out for a year now. I think your shock must have had a flaw in the metal.

Wow (like everybody else says), never seen anything like that.

Definitely take to your dealer and "suggest" that Yamaha's district rep needs to look into this, get you a new shock, etc.

The dealer is probably going to be on your side in this, because this looks like a manufacturing defect in the shock body. Don't tick off the dealer; instead make him your ally in this.

If he's not interested, well your manual should include a phone # for contacting Yamaha directly.

Did you adjust your spring with a punch/screwdriver and slip and create a weak point on the threads not knowing it?

unless he's got a jackhammer, that wouldnt cause anything.

yeah i dont think i weakened the housing by adjusting the shock collar. i already have a new shock.....just want to know the cause of this so it doesnt happen again. i dont really want to go through the dealer cuz they suck.

That really looks like a split from too much oil being in the shock. Something liek it not being properly bled. The liquid cannot compress and looks for any possible way out...It found one.

Perhaps someone had too much Saki before going back to his station at the KYB factory?

I blame the factory because your bike looks so clean it does not look like it has been ridden enough to need the shock oil changed.

I would post the picture in the suspension forum. There are a lot of guys there who would help you.

i think you should atleast attempt to be reimbursed for this. I too dread going to the Stealer because they never show any sincere concern. But that is the most legit complaint if ive ever heard one so its worth a shot. Good luck. Glad to hear you didnt get hurt because of it.

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