Soft seat foam

I installed the Guts racing soft seat foam (Baja Designs), and wow is it comfortable. I rode 113 miles Sunday, and I'm not even sore! The stock foam had me wiped out after just 47 miles. BIG downside: since it's softer, you sink down farther, which pushes you farther back. Then when you want to get forward the foam remembers your last position, and it's a struggle to stay forward. I fought front-end washout problems all day as a result. Thinking about splicing in the hard foam back into the front part...

I just installed the same foam-didn't notice the sinking problem with the YZ tank, though. I do enjoy the comfort! I did notice the foam up near the front is thinner and is "spongier" than the rest, but anything to soften the blow to the family jewels is fine in my book. Let us know how the harder foam in front works out-maybe your on to something!

I've installed the Gets Tall/Firm foam and was pleasently suprised how much softer is was than stock. It also greatly improved the seat/tank transition. Maybe the best $100 I've put into the bike!

The jewels are better protected, but oh that spring monkey-butt!


I have replaced the seat foam in my last two KTM EXC's I race (enduros) with DeVol (tall foam). Have the same ordered for my new WR. The DeVol seat is the best dirt bike seat foam and cover I have ever sat on! The others I have tried don't even come close. They are usually on back order.


Do you have a YZ seat/tank or do you have the tall foam with the WR seat/tank? If it helps the transition with the WR stuff, I think I'll buy the tall (do they make extra tall?)foam and a new cover and keep my stock tank.


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I use the stock YZ tank as do many, many Wr owners. Many use aftermarket YZ tanks, which has the same seat angle and similar feel. I don't need the extra capacity, so the 2.1 gal stock YZ tank works for me. The real benefit is the ability to sit appx 4-5" further forward, therefore placing more weight on the front wheel in turns and hllclimbs. Also since the seat is flatter, the ability to move around increases. I believe the normal aftermarket WR foam does help the "transition", but I would recommend getting the full YZ seat/tank wholeheartedly.

To give you an idea of cost, I spent $240 for the tank, seat base, cover and foam. Took the old seat/tank hardware/petcock off the old tank--fits perfectly. The tank was used and the rest was new. This does not include new graphics.

I am buying a used YZ pipe as well-the $300 I have saved will help buy a steering damper!

Please review past posts on this topic, it may help you make the decision. I would hate anyone to spend the $100 for foam/cover to turn around and get a YZ seat if that's what they were looking for.

Try to ride a WR w/ YZ tank or YZ-you'll fell the difference right away.

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