what can i add to my bike to make it look cooler?


oh btw its a 2002 yz 125 and this picture was taken at hangtown

graphics, exhaust system(header),

graphics, exhaust system(header),

what graphics idk which ones i should get

what can i add to my bike to make it look cooler?

mmm...some dirt?

i dont know...whatever ones u like

Graphics would deffinately make it look a ton better

I vote new tire.

and some dirt

Green plastics

Don't listen to em, that bike looks simple and sharp.

Keep it that way.

All I could suggest would be some red plastic and a few Honda stickers. Other than that, you're good to go. :thumbsup:

I would get the bike mechanicaly sound before I did anything cosmetic. New tires, new top end, suspension work, these things will make riding more enjoyable, the only thing pretty new graphics are gonna do is piss you off everytime you scuff them up.

I agree with frogman.

how about stickin a cr500 engine in it.

how about stickin a cr500 engine in it.

And to think that I doubted your name for one second, you truly are mad.

Some rims would look nice.

throw some d's on that bitch.

Sweet bike, graphics, but before that I would get new boots, I have those excact same thor quadrants, they offer absolutly no protection,I now have beriks ovs pro rc edition, by far not the best but they do offer way more protection, which i got a killer price on. Look into something a little bit more high quality, tech 6,tech 8, gaerne,beriks,(theyre going for pretty cheap now).

Just looking out for ya,as far as the bike, graphics,tires, and new Pipe.


definately graphics and some aftermarket pipes..like the platinum pc pipe would make it look sick....dont get me wrong tho it does look sweet already!!!

dont you have any idea or imagination of what might look cool, i mean not to sound harsh but its your bike and you dont look like a little kid ,use that brain and do some searching on the internet for grahics and stuff im sure you'll find something

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