Dragon SuperCorsa Pros on the Zed!

All I can say is... HOLY %#@((&:thumbsup:

I've always been a Michelin Man, but I picked up a set of supercorsas for (get this) FREE! WOW! The Pilot Powers have never let me down, but I was able to get alot more lean (peg draggin like mad with it begging for more) and was absolutely smoking some 600's on the mountain recently. The Corsas have a much better profile, no dive, just smooth all the way down:thumbsup:

Only bad thing would be their price, the fact that you have to take the time to get them hot, and their longevity (or lack of). I smoked a new set in 6 days, 1000 miles, no tread left. BUT my goodness were those awesome days!:thumbsup:

I'm still trying to catch my breath! If you got the Money, try em once! I think you'll like em.

I get mine from a guy that races in the sv650 class,he puts a few laps on them and sells them for between $100 to $150 Canadian a pair even installs them,I love them so far but they don't like sand and gravel at all.I ride my SM everywhere.

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