polish yz frame

hey guys has anyone ever polished a yzf frame??

i started with a light steel wool and its working great but it wont get any shineyer anyone know a good buffing compound if so let me know :thumbsup:

thanks alot

anyone has a polished frame post a picture of it?

your talking about the aluminum frame right??

if so, my buddy just got a 06' yz450f and polished the frame on it, i dont know exactly what he did, but it turned out good.

Anyone have any pics. I dont think I have seen one polished yet.


i started out with 180 grit sand paper and worked my way up to 2000 than used mothers aluminum polish



just keep in mind it will require upkeep to stay looking good!

Forget the mother's and hours of buffing. Go buy a cloth polishing wheel and an adaptor for an angle grinder (4" - 5"). $20 for a stick of jeweller's rouge (buy green) and you can polish/repolish your frame in about a half-hour or less.

looks nice.


I use steel wool, turns black from where my boot rubs, but it comes off.

That yz looks really good. Nice bike.

this is the bike i want to buy


alright great thanks man. i think ill go with the sandpaper then hit up lordco and get some mothers and a buffing wheel. ill post pics when im done

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