Racing and Health insurance

What is your experience with racing accidents and health insurance coverage?

I would be racing beginner or novice, but would feel like a dumb a$$ if I were injured and denied coverage. Two kids and a mortgage, I have coverage. But I have heard there are exclusions for motorized racing.

My wife had surgery on her elbow a few years ago. 8hr surgery was $215,000, does not include 4 days in the hospital. That would have been brutal without insurance.

I keep thinking I would be covered, due to the fact that there are so many riders at local races.

if theres a way to get health insurance for motorized racing. that should be your first.

don't take any chances

Read your policy. Call your insurance provider and ask. Get it in writing if covered. Don't be shy about it. The time to find out is NOW before you need it. The AMA is trying to stop the practice, but many insurance policies currently have exclusions for getting hurt on a motorcycle, especially if you're involved in competition. I also just read in this months Dirt Rider or Dirt Bike that at least one insurance company is placing a $25K deductable on accidents with a motorcycle. And the limit for those accidents is $50k for that company so not much coverage. But they bury that stuff in the fine print so you don't know about it until it's too late.

Most policies have a specific exclusion for racing, even amature fun stuff. Lot's of insurance companies are even excluding trail riding under a "hazardous hobby" clause. Be sure to read the fine print and do as Jeb says, get it in writing from your agent. He may tell you 1 thing, but then when a claim goes through processing, he won't be the person deciding on whether or not they pay, and if you don't have his words in writing, you're up a creek w/o a paddle.

I have some buddies who can't get on a ladder without falling off, I guess that they are good until the meat wagon hauls them in from the track. You should have a book called evidence of coverage, it will have tons of fine print, read it and talk with hr or your agent. Get the info in writing incase you need it.

Just broke my ankle racing and to my suprise my insurance covered it. I have to pay around $100 off of a $13000 bill. I can live w/ that. The policy is Aetna. I also have a seprate accident policy that's only $20/month. That pays out nice as well along w/ disabilty at work. They do say however that they'll cover racing as long as it's not professional.

Normal health insurance will not cover racing. As far as I know none will cover any kind of race where a cash can be won. This is called professional racing. Some cover non-professional racing, but many do not.

Like others have said, check the fine print. The policy should state what is and what is not covered. It is usually not in extreme legalese. Just because you check it once don't think that you are done. Most insurance changes a little every year. You need to stay on it so you don't miss a little addition to the policy that excludes dirt bikes.

Well, I wasn't racing, just riding in the woods when I tore my ACL MCL and meniscus. I was worried my insurance wouldn't cover it....but everything was fine. I did have to answer a phone questionairre to the insurance company about what happened which really concerned me that I would get a bill for the MRI, surgery, PT and such. No bills yet other than deductibles.....let's hope it stays that way :thumbsup:

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