450 EXC header is it worth it?

Hey guys i have a ktm 450 exc 2004 model and i dinged in the header pipe pritty badly. I was wondering if it is worth cutting that section out and welding another piece in there? or should i just fork out the $358.70?

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By former Kxf rider.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

PS: Is it stainless or titanium? Thanks

Have a go at freezing it out.My 520 had a big ding in it when I bought it and I froze the dent out near perfect.There is a link on the forum here somewhere about how to do it but basically- remove header, fill with water to cover dent(leave both ends open) freeze it but as the dent starts to come out un freeze it and then freeze it again.Other wise you may end up splitting your pipe(I did).But I left it in over night and it froze to solid.It split along the seam in the pipe but have migged it up ok.

You have nothing to loose.

The dent




The split


The near finished repair job


I have the same exact problem, I will be going to midas and checking the dumpster in the back, grab a pipe that matches the bend close and cut out the dent as you stated and put over a piece and weld it. Mine is smashed so deep it's actually concave.

I just finished welding a two stoke pipe last night, they are much thinner and I did it with a tig welder at 42amps 3/32 torch, the 4 stroke pipe should be a breeze.

Do not buy a new pipe, if you cant weld then buy a parted out pipe off KTMtalk for 40-80 $$$ or cut the piece out and have midas weld it for you.

They will work on just about anything you ask, just no warranty.

if your is dented and not concave as mine the freezing trick might work, never tried that.

Replace the stocker with an H-t racing head pipe, its cheaper, fits better and it will run better too. FYI many pipe repair companies can blow those dents out pretty easy.


2004 pipe is a little different but good example of how a cheap pipe can be had.

I repaired my heavily dented pipe by drilling a hole big enough to fit a rounded punch through (about 3/8 inch) on the side opposite the dent.Then I heated the dented side and beat out the dent with the punch through the hole. I then brazed up the 3/8 hole. I tried brazing with coated brass brazing rod at first but it did'nt work very well. I had some 15% silver brazing rod that is used for brazing copper pipe laying around and tried it and it worked really well. You can get it from a welding supply store. You can tell the pipe was dented but it will get by until I get a HT pipe.

I bought a new stocker from ktm-parts.com. If you register with them (no cost) you get a 10% discount on everything you order. I paid $171 for the replmt. It is a nickel plated steel that will turn color with time/heat. Good stuff. Be sure to get the replmt spring kit for a few more bananas.

Saw an '05 on KTMTalk tonight for $50 or $60.

Thanks guys for all your help.

I just cut out the dinged up piece and panel beated it. Then I welded the piece back in then grinded it back. It looks alright. :thumbsup:

Thanks again KTM rider.

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