Hi, just a quick question. I own a 426 and my brother is looking to get a bike, he has come across a tt 250 1987 model for a good price. are these bikes any good or should he stay away?

there ok but gutless compared to the 426

You can't compare that to your 426 if thats what your trying to do. He will be disapointed.

If your brother is just starting out, the ttr250 will be good first year bike. Second year, he'll be looking to upgrade.

2 of my boys that took a late interest in dirtbikes ride tt's. The 16 year old rides my WR450 on the open trails and fields but climbs off when we go fast. It still scares him , but with the TT his confidence is building fast. He has rode a tt125 for about a month and he does not know it yet ,but his new TTR230 is coming in 2 weeks:applause: :thumbsup: . He looked at a WR250 but says the 230 still fits him better and he believes he will be more comfortable on it on the close trails. Then when he can handle a WR, I can just pass the 230 on to his younger brothers.

The TT is a very forgiving bike for a beginner in that it sets lower, is more plush to ride and softer on the trails.

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