Starting a freezing 450X

HI guys,

Just did a big 4day enduro race here in Australia. Its the middle of winter - each morning it was around 0 degrees c (frost on ground, bike covered in frost and ice - seat, guards, bars - everything!). The E start was useless, it was even hard to kick over! 1 day i had to get a push start! Any help for a quick start in low temperatures? Thanks in advance!

Three full twist on the throttle before cranking to give it some juice , full choke but dont touch the throttle whilst cranking she should fire into life . I had the same problem before I used this method

cheers the gollywog

Hi gollywog, i did try the 3 throttle twists! still had trouble! Im from QLD - its never that cold up here. The A4DE in Coffs Harbour was an awesome ride but bloody cold in them mornings! Where are you from?

an old trick is to start your truck and put the truck so that the muffler is near the x's engine. do this until you feel the engine is warm. this will heat up the engine just enough to get 'er started:thumbsup:

Narrabri NSW

Gollywog - Narrabri would be pretty cold (often below 0?). Hi IvanCRF, a good idea but my bike was locked in a Park Ferme (International rules) and could not be touched - it seemed like all the other Hondas had trouble starting too - Do you know if if anyone has experimeted with the decomp system?

people like it tighter than what it should be at and say it helps starting

Last couple of weeks have been very cold , below zero nearly every morning glad to hear the enduro ride was good I was going to be there with a couple of mates until the last minute due to work commitments had to miss out . getting back to your starting problem cant help as I havn't had the bike long enough to experience problem and dont do a lot of riding first thing in the morning.Hope someone can help you out

Cheers gollywog

how about 5 full twists of the throttle. then put the choke out at full and keep it there until it starts :thumbsup:

btw- if you are running the JD jet kit, make sure you are using the blue needle

an old trick is to start your truck and put the truck so that the muffler is near the x's engine. do this until you feel the engine is warm. this will heat up the engine just enough to get 'er started:thumbsup:

For a kid your smart. LOL I know the gardeners around here use the motor on their truck to heat up their lunch. They just put their food in aluminum foil and set it on the motor to warm it up. LOL

You have a gardener????

i hear he has several old woman too and uses the muffler trick to warm 'em up!!!

You have a gardener???? Man you must be loaded...:thumbsup:

Yep I have a gardener, ME. No way am I going to pay someone that doesn't even belong in the US $85 a week to mow and blow.

Also you can throw or pour hot water over both sides of the cylinder heated over a fire or from the faucet. If you have a power source you can wrap a cheap heating pad around the cylinder for 30 minutes. The water works very fast (2 minutes) as water conducts heat 20 times faster then warm ambient air so its very effective. But with weather that cold should be done in two bucket batches, the first bucket at 80 degrees (warm to touch) and the second almost boiling 130 degrees HOT!. Both in close timing to each other 1 minute apart max.

The battery was probably having trouble with the cold also, this has happened to me on mornings in the desert and I actually had to break out the jumper box(where temps get in to the teens on very cold days). I would set up some kind of leads off the battery and use a jumper box to start the bike if I was in a race(and in your situation).

Yep I have a gardener, ME. No way am I going to pay someone that doesn't even belong in the US $85 a week to mow and blow.

$85 is too a month its a car payment!!!

so what was the real cause of the hard start. Was it the fact that the oil was just a chunk of goo or that the cylinder was compressed around the piston too tightly?

I'm from Canada so I can relate. First off is it rejetted properly and the muffler/airbox opened up? If it has been jetted properly then try the following. Give it 3-4 full twists of the throttle put the choke on and use the E-start with the bike in neutral and the clutch in. If it doesn't start then repeat using 4-5 twists instead. Keep doing this, adding a couple of twists each time till you figure out how many it takes to get it going. At 0 celsius mine takes about 6-7 twists and a couple of trys to get it going and keep it going. Hope this helps.PS make sure your battery is in good shape.

You may want to consider using a lighter weight oil.

Yep I have a gardener, ME. No way am I going to pay someone that doesn't even belong in the US $85 a week to mow and blow.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies! I will try lighter oil next time i am riding in super low temps (I currently use Belray thumper 20/50). It also sounds like i need to rejet my bike and give her a few more twists on the throttle. You guys in Canada, do you adjust the De compressor from stock or just leave it ?

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