Momentary lack of compression

My bike took a stationary tumble with me on it courtesy of a riding buddies foot (was meant to be a joke that went slightly wrong). When I got up to set off I ran through about 5-6 kicks without finding the TDC spot in the kickstarter.

After that the hard spot returned and I haven't experienced it since. I was wondering if this was something that I should be looking into.

Bike is a 2005 YZ450F with about 20 genuine hours on it (hour meter), should I be looking into replacing the rings?

Thanks in advance.

Check the auto-decompresser, I don't have a Yamaha so I don't know the configuration, but that sounds like it might be hanging up.

Excellent point. Didn't think of that. Next time I have the cam cover off I will make sure that it is working ok.

With regards to piston rings, is it possible to refresh the piston with just new rings or do you have to do the piston at the same time?

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