Will YZ426 radiator shrouds fit on my IMS 3.3

I just purchased a YZ426 factory effex kit and seat cover for my WR400 (with the IMS 3.3/YZ seat). The seat cover fits perfect the tank graffics line up great. I would like to buy the 426 shrouds to go along with the ensemble but will they fit? I've been told that the radiators are different and they might not work. Has anyone tried this before?

P.S. Bryan great job on this site!


98 WR400,Fineline Sus;Scotts triple clamp & stabilizer,Pro-tapers,Pacemaker3,IMS3.3,4.0/YZ seat,IMS Pro-pegs,Devol guards,TM chain slider,426 factory effex kit

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Dan, I owned a 99 WR before I bought the new 00 WR. The Aus. 00WR has the similar tank, seat and shrouds as the 426. The 99 WR and 00 WR radiators and shrouds are completley different too, by a long way. The lower bolt wouldn't even get close to fitting, and the devol rad, guards I had for the 99 would not fit, so I had to get new ones to fit the 2000. I put devol guards from a 426 on my 00 WR, and the fit great, but remember this is for the Aust. model, and I would bet that for the US the 99 & 00 WR tanks, seat and shrouds are the same, and different to the 426.


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