1st Ride on a Trials Bike

I have to admit, I wasn't all that interested in trIals riding. It always looked kind of slow and, well, dull. I went riding last week with a buddy and he brought his GG280. It thought it was a funny looking thing. I brought my XR250R because my regular trAil bike, an XR200, had a flat tire. Any way, we rode. And he was slow. Then we got off on the tight single track. And he rode. And I fell. And he rode. And I fell. And I picked up 240 lbs. Again. And again. And I said to him, "Hank, what's that thing weigh?" Because you see, I'm all of 150 lbls. And he says, "150 pounds." WHAT?

So I ride his bike a little when we get back to the parking area after I recover from all my dead lifts. To make a long story short, I gots to get me a trIals bike! I'm going to keep the XRs for trAil work. But 90% of the time I'm at home. And I could go into the woods across the street, or even in my back yard, and work on trIals. Plus the Trials Training Center is like, an hour away.

It's like a good cigar. Until you've had one, you think cigars just stink. Then, once you've sucked down a good Macanudo... Well, you sure don't think they stink anymore.

Keep Ridin',


Sounds like your hooked. Its been a few years since I had a trials bike, and I miss it very much. Looking forward to getting another one real soon.

i want to try one so badly. they look sick.

Sick, they are absolutely nauseating. The key is going to be convincing my wife, who is really much more responsible than me, that I need a motorcycle that doesn't typically go over about 25 mph and that I mostly use to climb boulders and logs. Try that one for a hard sell...:thumbsup:

Keep Ridin',


You guys will love it. Its a great sport that just becomes more and more addictive the longer you ride. And of course you can always have a great time in your back yard. Trust me ,you won't think its dull for long. TTC (Trials Training Center) is famous for being the best place to go, but for the training that you get from the top pros like Bruce LeRiche (who is also a really nice guy) you end up paying almost $300 for a day of riding. Anyway, you will love the sport and the people that ride trials will be the nicest people you will ever meet. :thumbsup:

The key is going to be convincing my wife, who is really much more responsible than me,

That should be an easy sell #1 it uses in a hard day 1 gallon fuel instead of 4 saving $12 every day its ridden never needs a top end or traded near as often as they dont wear out and its all about the rider not the bike. less trips to the emergency room ought to be pleasing also.

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