mounting trials tires

hey guys, great site! well i just bought a dunlop 803 trials tire for my 07 wr 450. i have the tire mounted but i am having trouble setting the bead. pointers?

soap and water inflate the tire 3-4 times without the valve stem in

on the 4th time put about 60 psi and let the soap and water work in should hear a nice pop

if not take it to a shop might charge you 10$

I agree. soap and water. break out the compressor and got to 70lbs. That will do it.

I ran my trials tire at 12psi. Still gripped like velcro and didn't break the bead.


I used soap and water as well, make sure the bead is not hanging up on the bead lock(s)....I keep mine (Michelin X-11) at 9-10psi and love it! I have 400 miles on it and it still looks great and I haven't had a lick of trouble.


60psi and leave overnight.

i have never had to put 70lbs in a tire to set the bead, but it worked ,somewhat scary!

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