tall seat ??

i have an 05 yz250 2 stroke, i'm 6'2" with long legs and i am considering getting an sdg tall seat for my bike, my question is will it mount ok with my ims 3.1 gallon fuelcell, i had to do some fab work on the oem seat when i originally installed the tank!! thanks for any help you can give!

What kind of fab work did you have to do? I have an 03 YZ250 and I have an IMS tank and a stock tank, stock seat and a tall seat and I can switch between any of them with no problems. The IMS tank just curves the front of the seat up higher.

it will go on with no issues

well when i installed the tank i had to make slot on the bottom of the seat a little longer were it goes into the button on the back side of the tank, thats all!! what brand of seat do you guys run?? it looks like the sdg unit is the way to go!

Should not be a problem.

Just buy the Guts racing foam

My SDG seat fell apart in 3 months and the company would do nothing about it, So they can kiss my Azz

The GUTS RACING seat foam is much better and you can get it in soft med and firm

I got firm and it is pretty hard

For trail/Enduro i would go with mad.


My tall seat is the Guts racing soft foam. I weigh about 205 lbs and it is a little to soft. I am going to buy the medium foam. I was debating on the SDG seat but I don't think I will buy it if it does not last.

thanks very much for the help guys

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