Headlight Question WR450

Searched and couldn't find anyone that had the same STUPID question I have. So have a new bulb for the 450 - unfortunately when removing the old bulb I took off the entire bracket instead of just one side. Walked away, broke up my kids from a fight and now for the life of me I can not figure out how that bracket(spring) that holds the bulb in goes back on? Does anyone have a picture? Jcorwin@knology.net if so, proceed to bash me.

i will round up my stock lamp when i get home and see if i can help

i have a cyclops lamp on it right now

Still need help here if someone could take a shot of the stock lamp I would be forever grateful.


Figured it out :thumbsup:

Now both my brand new tailight and brand new headlight blew as soo as I turned on the lights :thumbsup: ! Time to search the forum

Bad regulator?

Trying to figure that out now - again if the question is a no brainer forgive me!

Measure voltage at headlight, 23 - 26 volts AC - does this indicate the regulator is bad?

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