Sdg Clutch

I have an 2004 SDG Speed Mini and the clutch is going out on it... is there anyway that i can get a new one... or do i have to drop a new motor in it or what? please help me out here and give me any websites that have parts or something... thanks.

I believe that the engine is a Lifan so try or

You can get complete replacement clutch packs from a few different vendors. I want to say KX65 discs work, and are lighter to boot. If the basket itself is worn, get a 5 disc pack and basket from a Pitster dealer and drop it on.

So the GPX clutch system will fit on the sdg 107cc motor no problem??? Please explain. Thanks

Yeah, the bottom end is the same (other than studs/spacing) as a GPX 125 / Lifan 120. Clutch baskets will swap between them.

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