Another JD Jet Question

Hey guys I'm thinking of getting the JD Jet kit for my 07 450 R. Let me get this straight, it comes with an asortment of needles and jets, and a chart that will match them with your elevation?

it tell s you what to's red needle in 5th clip from bottom and 190 main......get it it's worth it needle is for colder temps....

So just order the one for the 2007 CRF 450, nothing more specific like 2007 CRF 450 at 1250 elevation etc. just plane old 07 450?

yes order it are at the same elevation as mee...make sure you get the 07 kit becuase the needles are diff from pre 07's...a change in needle pos is required only after big elevation changes like 3000ft either way

K I ordered one, cant wait to see what all the fuss is about. The sad thing is I have access to a dyno 24-7, just not the time or knownlege to really get in there an tune it. I figured this kit will take alot of the guess work out of the carb game.

the needle is what makes all the difference

So the kit is gonna show up with 2 needles and a few jets, and say for this elevation, and this certain mod put in needle 1, main 160, piolet 40, yada yada yada, fuel screw, and BAM pretty spot on huh?

all you will need to change is the needle and main jet. Instructions will come telling you exactly which clip position, main jet and fuel screw position for your elevation to use. Yep, BAM spot on. Worth every penny. Get the fuel screw adjuster too. It's the only thing you'll have to play with just a hair and the fuel screw adjuster makes that really easy.

the needle is what makes all the difference

Exactly. He dials in the taper of the needle- alittle leaner here and a little richer there and you will feel a nice surge that wakes up the bike.

Nice I need that for my 05

Dude this thread has been dead since July, but hell yeah. Get one.

Nice I need that for my 05

just told you in your fuel screw avatar also...two thumbs up

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