XR650L Question from a DRZ Guy

Hey Honda Guys!

My buddy just picked up his 650L, and it has no tool kit. Should there be one?

I know, I know, Hondas don't need them--:thumbsup:



I bought mine new in May and the dealer said that they didn't come with them anymore.

I bought mine new in May and the dealer said that they didn't come with them anymore.

&%$#@!? Thats BS. That stock tool kit sure comes in handy.

I was surprised to see that mine came with none. The proper spark plug wrench would have been nice. As it is you need a thinwall socket which, of course, I had to go and buy.

Mine came w/ one.


My '07 didn't come with one either.

my 05 came with a full kit. my buddy who just got his 07 came with ..... NOTHING!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info. I thought the stealer was giving him a line, I guess not.

Ride safe.

my 07 came with nothing... but I got one as soon as I started putting the presure on the stealer ...They told me "uh it did not have it in there I will order you one " A month later I had one ....:thumbsup: on

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to put a small kit together with REAL tools anyway. I always laugh at the "screwdriver" and especially the "pliars" that come with Japanese bikes:rolleyes:

My '07 came without one. I went to the Ron Ayers fiche and found the kit. It listed all the tools and sizes. I used a tool roll and wrenches I already had. Better quality and cheaper than ordering the OEM kit.

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